How this superintendent is amping up the power of his small N.J. district

The Point Pleasant Beach School District offers students a wide range of academic and extracurricular programs that "outmatches our size," Superintendent William T. Smith boasts.

From ‘me’ to ‘we’: Why strong board-superintendent relationships are important

When boards and superintendents work together, they can set clear goals and expectations for student achievement and ensure that all students have the support and resources they need to succeed.

4 superintendents share keys to working effectively with school boards

Outside the classroom, superintendent-school board relationships are surely among the most impactful partnerships when it comes to a school district's success. These leaders share their keys to positive experiences with their own boards.

Superintendent steps down from a big district as turnover keeps churning

Superintendent Diana Greene will leave Florida's Duval County Public Schools in the coming weeks after having served in the post since 2018.

Leaders sound off on the top 7 challenges K12 is facing right now

Neither test scores nor grades are dominating the conversations about the biggest education challenges in 2023.

Leadership series: ‘It was the best professional development that I had ever been through’

When Superintendent Jonathan Prince took the helm at St. Lucie Public Schools in 2022, he described it as being passed the torch by Bear Bryant. Fortunately, he had the experience from District Administration's Superintendent's Academy to rely on.

100 Superintendent March: Black and Latino leaders raise their voices in Congress

District Administration senior writer Matt Zalaznick was there as the superintendents, who represented 21 states, beseeched leaders to provide more financial and political support for mental health services, teacher preparation and retention, and English learners.

Friendly reminders: 7 tips for dealing with today’s most difficult parents

"They’re fewer than 5 percent of all the parents you deal with, but they take up 95 percent of your time," a counselor says of angry moms and dads.

Teacher wage gap: K12 is no different than the wider workforce

When experience, education level, and school characteristics are similar, a sizable teacher wage gap disadvantages women in the K12 workforce. But there are several steps leaders can take to solve the problem.

Inexperience: The one reason for superintendent turnover no one is talking about

In 2019, the superintendency was changed for good. The profession is now a multifaceted and complex job that no one could have anticipated, and it requires intense training and preparation, one expert says.

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