Student behavior

How this superintendent is fueling multidisciplinary learning with a food truck

A food truck will be a big part of Lincoln Public Schools' culinary program. But getting the truck going will require the skills of students studying graphic design, automotive repair, business and law, among other subjects.

Teacher morale has not totally tanked. Here are 5 ways to boost it.

Educators' spirits have landed in a fragile place after the pandemic-era rollercoaster of praise, pressure and political attacks. A new report offers guidance on making positive changes.

5 strategies for encouraging students to report safety threats

Research shows that school climate is one of the best indicators of whether students will report misconduct in their schools. Here's how you can help students feel valued and respected for their efforts to keep their school safe.

Stricter discipline may be returning to schools after abandonment of zero tolerance

Research has found that stricter discipline policies disproportionately harm students of color but a rise in violence and other behavioral problems is fueling a return to move punitive punishments.

Many teachers no longer feel safe. Here’s what they want from their district leaders

A survey of Denver's teachers found that smaller class sizes and expanded mental health services were preferred solutions over SROs and metal detectors. But teachers elsewhere want more police in their schools.

Leaders who are taming out-of-control absenteeism are focused on 3 areas

Chronic absenteeism spiked at 10 million students in 2020-21—that means more than one in every five students in the nation missed at least 10% of the school year.

Why some schools are wrapping up the academic year with cell phone bans

Throughout the year, districts have faced constant disruptions from students on their devices. "We had reports coming out of our schools saying that these kids were telling our teachers, 'Hey, I'm watching the World Cup. Leave me alone.' That can't be anymore," says one school board member.

Backpacks—even the clear ones—are being banned in end-of-year safety push

Many districts allowed students to switch to clear backpacks, but that's no longer a viable solution, say leaders who are hoping to head off the annual rise in behavioral incidents in the final weeks of school.

2 uncomfortable truths a video experiment reveals about school discipline

A Yale education researcher recruited young white, Black, and Latino actors to "misbehave" in a series of videos. Teachers were asked who should be sent to the principal’s office—and the responses were disturbing.

Leaders sound off on the top 7 challenges K12 is facing right now

Neither test scores nor grades are dominating the conversations about the biggest education challenges in 2023.

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