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4 warning signs that students are struggling with mental health. And 4 solutions.

What can parents and educators do to provide extra support? Perhaps the most critical thing we can do is ask children, rather than telling them or trying to guess what's wrong.

This is how many teachers would carry a gun to make their school safer

Teachers remain divided over arming themselves at work, with more than half saying carrying a gun would make their school less safe, according to a new survey by the RAND Corporation.

How this superintendent is fueling multidisciplinary learning with a food truck

A food truck will be a big part of Lincoln Public Schools' culinary program. But getting the truck going will require the skills of students studying graphic design, automotive repair, business and law, among other subjects.

3 keys to leading through the student mental health crisis

By prioritizing self-care, fostering collaboration, leveraging resources and continuously measuring and adapting to meet the needs of students, administrators can lead their schools through this difficult period.

Do school districts stand a chance suing social media giants?

More and more school districts are joining the legal battle against social media companies to protect students' mental health. But this expert says he's not very optimistic.

How this superintendent is amping up the power of his small N.J. district

The Point Pleasant Beach School District offers students a wide range of academic and extracurricular programs that "outmatches our size," Superintendent William T. Smith boasts.

Teacher morale has not totally tanked. Here are 5 ways to boost it.

Educators' spirits have landed in a fragile place after the pandemic-era rollercoaster of praise, pressure and political attacks. A new report offers guidance on making positive changes.

3 reasons spring is a great time for student well-being screenings

Universal well-being screenings provide actionable data to address student needs, lower the risks of absenteeism, and implement broad interventions.

Many teachers no longer feel safe. Here’s what they want from their district leaders

A survey of Denver's teachers found that smaller class sizes and expanded mental health services were preferred solutions over SROs and metal detectors. But teachers elsewhere want more police in their schools.

Leaders who are taming out-of-control absenteeism are focused on 3 areas

Chronic absenteeism spiked at 10 million students in 2020-21—that means more than one in every five students in the nation missed at least 10% of the school year.

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