Removal of 8 books may have created fear and harassment in Georgia district, feds say

Library book challenges in Forsyth County Schools may have created a "hostile environment for students," Department of Education investigators said in the agency's first foray into the recent wave of book bans buffeting K12.

Parents—and authors—sue district for banning LGBTQ-themed books

The Escambia County School District's book bans are being called "unconstitutional" in a federal lawsuit filed by a leading free speech organization and the country's largest publishing firm.

5 ways to bring your literacy framework back ‘down to earth’

When I joined Fort Worth ISD as its new chief academic officer in 2019, we needed to create a literacy framework and implement new curriculum and products to support it. 

Despite book battles, parents are not discouraging a love of reading

Some parents disagree about what books should be in their school's reading curriculum but K12 administrators might be reassured to know parents still expect their children to love reading.

Show me the reading science: An expert explains how to get it right

We need clarity of practices that will enable the enactment of the science of reading in classrooms across America every day for every child.

How educators can strengthen summer reading connections with families

When we are talking about literacy, we want to make supporting kids accessible—not additional—for educators and families.

How do we create a culture of reading in our schools and districts?

Leaders must be all-in on reading—whether that’s integrating reading activities into core subjects like mathematics and science or promoting school—or even district-wide reading challenges and events.

Why reading strategy instruction belongs in every content area classroom

History, biology and other teachers need to teach their content and build knowledge AND teach reading strategies, opening students up to learn additional content from texts beyond what they learn from classroom lectures and hands-on experiences.

3 easy and inclusive ways to develop self-guided reading habits

Challenges that build community momentum, offer differentiated options, and reward success are key to encouraging independent reading.

How to support teachers who are adopting the science of reading

As an academic coach, I’ve been working with teachers in Suwanee County School District for years to deliver foundational literacy instruction—and the science of reading is simply the best research available into how students learn to read.

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