Removal of 8 books may have created fear and harassment in Georgia district, feds say

Library book challenges in Forsyth County Schools may have created a "hostile environment for students," Department of Education investigators said in the agency's first foray into the recent wave of book bans buffeting K12.

Parents—and authors—sue district for banning LGBTQ-themed books

The Escambia County School District's book bans are being called "unconstitutional" in a federal lawsuit filed by a leading free speech organization and the country's largest publishing firm.

LGBTQ youth describe a world where they are accepted. How schools can get there

A new survey by The Trevor Project shows the current political climate is taking a toll on the mental health and well-being of LGBTQ youth, the majority of whom report being verbally harassed at school.

How are students keeping themselves safe? By missing school

The percentage of students who were threatened or injured with a weapon at school from 2011-2021 did not change, leaving officials puzzled as to why there were no improvements.

Nearly 25% of high school students now identify as LGBTQ. Here’s why that matters

"Schools are the gateway to needed services for many young people," according to the CDC. "Schools can provide health, behavioral and mental health services directly or establish referral systems to connect to community sources of care."

Amid growing book bans, these 13 titles were the most challenged in 2022

For nearly two years now, libraries in K12 and higher education have become a primary target for parent advocacy groups that seek to remove book titles that contain material not suitable for children and students.

Transgender athlete ban is latest move in GOP push to regulate K12 education

A bill banning transgender athletes in K12 girls' sports was approved by House Republicans Thursday despite there being zero chance the measure will become law.

How the accelerating pace of school book bans is swallowing up new topics

Censorship targets are expanding from racism and LGBTQ topics to abuse, health and well-being and grief, PEN America warns, PEN America warns.

LGTBQ instruction has now been silenced throughout K12 in Florida

Gender identity, sexual orientation and other LGTBQ instruction have been pushed out of Florida classrooms as the state's board of education extends controversial "Don't Say Gay" rule through 12th grade.

How to make social media a force for good for girls in your schools

While kids probably aren't going to suddenly stop using social media, educators and other adults can work to turn the often-vilified online platforms into a more positive influence in the emotional lives of students.

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