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How should we teach with AI? The feds have 7 fresh edtech ideas

Keeping humans at the center of edtech is the top insight in the federal government's first stab at determining how schools should teach with AI amid concerns about safety and bias.

How schools are using technology to turn challenges into opportunities

Many solutions involve technology that schools added during the pandemic and are now using to turn complex challenges into opportunities.

4 ways to harness the outsized impact of technology in high school

Many institutions have missed significant opportunities to utilize high school technology tools—often due to a lack of training, funding, infrastructure, or resources.

Can AI be used safely in education? Yes, but we need new guidelines

With many educators relying more and more on artificial intelligence in and around the classroom, a coalition of prominent edtech organizations—called TeachAI—is developing best practices for safer use of the rapidly advancing technology.

Big K12 deal: Learning giant HMH is acquiring testing titan NWEA

"The combined organization will harness the collective power of instruction and research-based insights to support educators in their efforts to drive better outcomes for students," the companies say in a news release.

4 solutions for driving digital transformation in your school

Students pay the greatest price when schools rely on outdated methods of teaching and learning. Elevating your district's use of digital technologies will ultimately give teachers and students the tools they need to close historical gaps.

Let’s go beyond ChatGPT: 3 constructive ways to use AI in the classroom

ChatGPT represents just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to AI’s potential to transform education. We have a responsibility to consider the bigger picture.

More edtech companies embrace ChatGPT to boost student performance

Artificial intelligence in the classroom is seemingly inevitable. Some might argue it's already here. Whether you choose to allow your students to use ChatGPT to learn, edtech companies are now using it.

‘What this technology can do is mind-blowing’: ChatGPT offers ‘quick wins’ for educators

Educator-turned-best-selling-author of The AI Classroom Dan Fitzpatrick shares his insight on AI in education and its potential to transform not just how students learn, but how they are taught.

Why is digital citizenship essential? Here are 6 ways to start the conversation

School leaders can promote digital citizenship by involving parents and the wider community in the conversation.

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