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5 steps districts can take to prepare for a big financial reckoning

In September 2024, school districts will experience a financial reckoning not seen since the Great Recession: a perfect storm of declining enrollment, rising costs and the end of ESSER.

This low-profile staff position can save districts millions each year

Sustainability directors on average safe their district $1 million each year, which is roughly 10 times their annual salary. But how exactly do they serve their districts?

These district leaders intend to add 75 teachers as layoffs hit elsewhere

As layoffs in other districts climb into the hundreds, leaders in Worcester Public Schools are planning to add 75 teachers and hundreds of other positions. 

What’s driving K12 staff layoffs? It’s much more than expiring ESSER funds

Declining enrollment, failed levies and other financial pressures are forcing superintendents and their teams to make tough and unpopular spending decisions, including cutting school employees.

Global K12 education market is charging out of the pandemic in a big way

The global K12 education market will generate $525.7 billion in revenue by 2031, with North America the most lucrative region due to "massive spending" on edtech, the latest report from Research Dive finds.

ESSER endgame: What 7 districts plan to fund and what leaders might cut

Leaders are determined to extend academic recovery, but they're also preparing to cut new staff that has been hired to beef up instruction and scrambling to find the funding to sustain effective programs.

Stricter discipline may be returning to schools after abandonment of zero tolerance

Research has found that stricter discipline policies disproportionately harm students of color but a rise in violence and other behavioral problems is fueling a return to move punitive punishments.

How long does it take teachers to afford an average home in their district?

It would take a teacher 30 years to save for a 20% down payment for a "median home" in San Francisco Unified School District in California, according to a new analysis breaking down some of the most—and least—affordable districts for teachers.

How to streamline employee time tracking and attendance to improve retention

Hourly workers—bus drivers, custodians, substitute teachers—are the backbone of K12 schools. One of the most important ways administrators can retain them is by providing consistent, accurate and timely pay.

Districts are using up their ESSER funds. Now comes the hard part

Districts are now spending ESSER money at a rate of $5 billion a month, a pace that will exhaust the funds by the 2024 deadline, according to the Edunomics Lab at Georgetown University.

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