5 reasons educators need to have “the talk” with students about using AI for homework

Seven weeks after its launch, Turnitin's AI detector flagged millions of submissions for containing AI-generated content, but there's no reason to panic just yet.

Here’s what you need to know to prevent and mitigate ransomware in 2023-24

Three years after its release, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency updated its #StopRansomware guide as ransomware and double extortion continue to impact K12 schools.

Global K12 education market is charging out of the pandemic in a big way

The global K12 education market will generate $525.7 billion in revenue by 2031, with North America the most lucrative region due to "massive spending" on edtech, the latest report from Research Dive finds.

Educators can’t beat ChatGPT, so show them how to embrace it

A recent survey by the Walton Family Foundation found that within two months, 51% of teachers reported having used the tool with as many as 40% using it at least once a week. District leaders should educate their teaching staff on how to use it to streamline their workload.

Why districts must share their edtech successes

As new technologies emerge with new opportunities for widening our perspectives and education methods adapt and transform, it is essential that successful districts share what works.

Chromebooks don’t last long, and it’s costing schools billions of dollars

These devices have a "built-in death date," according to a new report. This leads to frustration among K12 leaders who adopted the technology at the height of the pandemic mainly due to their affordability.

Parental insight: K12 schools must establish digital literacy as a funding priority

Two-thirds of parents say technology is moving in a positive direction, but there are six key factors barring students from receiving sufficient technology education.

4 solutions for driving digital transformation in your school

Students pay the greatest price when schools rely on outdated methods of teaching and learning. Elevating your district's use of digital technologies will ultimately give teachers and students the tools they need to close historical gaps.

Which edtech product is already changing learning for the better? 5 districts weigh in

These five leaders shared with District Administration their most valuable edtech tools and why they work so well for their students and staff. To no surprise, it all comes down to effectives and ease of access.

How generative AI can leave schools even more vulnerable to phishing

District Administration even went so far as to ask ChatGPT to write a "believable" phishing email targeting a school. Needless to say, the program didn't hesitate.

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