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How should we teach with AI? The feds have 7 fresh edtech ideas

Keeping humans at the center of edtech is the top insight in the federal government's first stab at determining how schools should teach with AI amid concerns about safety and bias.

8th-graders are failing to grasp how democracy works, report card shows

First-ever decline in civics scores raises alarms about students' ability become "full participants in American democracy,” say Nation's Report Card officials.

Big K12 deal: Learning giant HMH is acquiring testing titan NWEA

"The combined organization will harness the collective power of instruction and research-based insights to support educators in their efforts to drive better outcomes for students," the companies say in a news release.

Creating a Portrait of a Graduate: New Measures of College, Career, and Life Readiness

Thursday, April 20 at 2 pm ET

Attend this webinar to learn more about a new metric to determine if students are adequately prepared for college, career, and life, and some strategies for creating a more student-centered, holistic model of academic and career success.  

Leadership series: Six-figure teacher salaries? Yes, in this superintendent’s district

When Superintendent Scott Muri took the helm at Ector County ISD in 2019, it had an 18% teacher vacancy rate and was one of the lowest-performing districts in the state. Now, its teachers can make up to $100,000 a year.

How one college prep site rates your school system on 3 big priorities

It's hard to argue that superintendents and their leadership teams have three higher priorities than student success, school quality, and the safety of everyone who learns and works in their district.

Accountability and accreditation are not the same. Which is more important?

The metrics of state accountability systems are often out of sync with bigger-picture accreditation evaluations—and the disconnect hinders the ability of schools and districts to improve, according to a new report.

At least a dozen more Virginia high schools under fire for delaying National Merit awards

Administrators have also been accused of equity-driven attempts to level the playing field for students who didn't qualify for the scholarships at the expense of higher achievers.

What Florida’s 2023 Superintendent of the Year will offer at FETC

Superintendent of Putnam County Schools Rick Surrency will share his tour of Finland's schools in 2022, where his outlook on education changed forever.

3 helpful tips for district leaders to improve the power of digital assessment

With a few simple shifts that reduce stress and barriers, digital assessment can become representative of students’ knowledge, not their ability to use technology.

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