A new look at the teacher shortage—is it worse than we thought?

Headlines continue to underscore the scope of teacher shortages across the nation, according to new research. Here's what district leaders can do about it.

By the numbers: The pandemic and its ‘complicated’ toll on K12 education

Among the rather dim conclusions drawn from the report are the pandemic's widespread impact on teacher shortages in 2020-21 along with districts' difficulties in hiring mental health support staff.

Most students would rather ask ChatGPT for help than a tutor. Here’s why

ChatGPT is quickly intervening as a personal homework assistant for students with 9 in 10 saying they prefer to study with AI than with a tutor, according to a new survey.

ESSER endgame: What 7 districts plan to fund and what leaders might cut

Leaders are determined to extend academic recovery, but they're also preparing to cut new staff that has been hired to beef up instruction and scrambling to find the funding to sustain effective programs.

Short on tutoring staff? Look to your local colleges and universities

In a "Dear Colleague" letter, U.S. Department of Education Secretary Miguel Cardona outlines ways district leaders can fill high-needs areas by leveraging college students.

Districts are using up their ESSER funds. Now comes the hard part

Districts are now spending ESSER money at a rate of $5 billion a month, a pace that will exhaust the funds by the 2024 deadline, according to the Edunomics Lab at Georgetown University.

Are 4-day school weeks worth attracting teachers if learning suffers?

The 4-day school week, seen as a powerful recruitment tool, could cause as much learning loss as the pandemic but over a protracted period of time, according to a new Rand Corporation analysis.

Efforts to improve teacher satisfaction began long before Teacher Appreciation Week

And they're likely to continue as pandemic-related disparities persist in school districts throughout the country. These are some of the most recent efforts to crack down on teacher pay and student behavior with hopes to increase employee satisfaction.

Teens are stressed and anxious, and many say it’s because of their schools’ priorities

On a positive note, district leaders' efforts to get students enrolled in 4-year universities are showing positive gains as the number of students planning to attend college increases.

Leadership series: How to lead as a team with your assistant superintendent

District Administration spoke with Superintendent of Portsmouth City Schools Scott Dutey and Assistant Superintendent Josh Morris on what an effective relationship in leadership looks like in order to meet a district's goals.

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